On-chain Fees

Fee Amounts

Most write transactions to the FIO Chain are subject to a fee paid in FIO Tokens and set by the Block Producers in the following way:

  • Each of the 21 scheduled BPs submits their desired fee amount of FIO Tokens for each blockchain interaction and amount of bundled transactions to be included with every FIO Handle.
  • Amounts submitted by active block producers are analyzed, and the fee is set at median of all submitted amounts.

Fee amounts for specific fee type can be obtained using the /get_fee endpoint.

For current fee amounts see <https://fio.net/fio-chain/fees>

Bundled transactions

When a FIO Handles is registered, it comes bundled with 100 gas-free transactions. This eliminates the need for a user to pay a per-transaction fee for many popular FIO Chain transactions.

Fee Types

TransactionActionAPI EndpointBundled tx used
Transfer FIO tokenstrnsfiopubky/transfer_tokens_pub_keyNot eligible
Transfer locked FIO tokenstrnsloctoks/transfer_locked_tokensNot eligible
Map blockchain public addressaddaddress/add_pub_address1
Remove mapped addressremaddress/remove_pub_address1
Remove all mapped addressesremalladdr/remove_all_pub_addresses1
Request fundsnewfundsreq/new_funds_request2
Cancel funds requestcancelfndreq/cancel_funds_request1
Reject funds requestrejectfndreq/reject_funds_request1
Record other blockchain transaction metadatarecordobt/record_obt_data2
Register Addressregaddressregister_fio_addressNot eligible
Renew Address (deprecated)renewaddress/renew_fio_addressNot eligible
Buy bundled transactionsaddbundles/add_bundled_transactionsNot eligible
Transfer Addressxferaddress/transfer_fio_addressNot eligible
Burn Addressburnaddress/burn_fio_address1
Register Domainregdomain/register_fio_domainNot eligible
Renew Domainrenewdomain/renew_fio_domainNot eligible
Make Domain publicsetdomainpub/set_fio_domain_publicNot eligible
Transfer Domainxferdomain/transfer_fio_domainNot eligible
Map NFT Signature to a FIO Crypto Handleaddnft/add_nft2
Remove NFT Signature from FIO Crypto Handleremnft/remove_nft1
Remove ALL NFT Signatures from FIO Crypto Handleremallnfts/remove_all_nfts1
Stake FIO Tokensstakefio/stake_fio_tokens1
Unstake FIO Tokensunstakefio/unstake_fio_tokens1
Wrap FIO Tokenswraptokens/wrap_fio_tokensNot eligible
Wrap FIO Domainwrapdomain/wrap_fio_domainsNot eligible
Vote on block producersvoteproducer/vote_producer1
Proxy votes to registered proxyvoteproxy/proxy_vote1
Register as a proxyregproxy/register_proxyNot eligible
Unregister as a proxyunregproxy/unregister_proxyNot eligible
Register as block producerregproducer/register_producerNot eligible
Unregister as block producerunregprod/unregister_producerNot eligible
Set fee ratios‡setfeevote/submit_fee_ratiosNot eligible
Set fee multiplier‡setfeemult/submit_fee_multiplierNot eligible
Compute feescomputefees/compute_feesNot eligible
Set bundled transaction count‡bundlevote/submit_bundled_transactionNot eligible
Pay rewards to TPIDstpidclaim/pay_tpid_rewardsNot eligible
Claim BP rewards‡bpclaim/claim_bp_rewardsNot eligible
Burn expired FIO Crypto Handles and Domainsburnexpired/burn_expiredNot eligible
msig_proposeproposeNot eligible, charged per 1,000 bytes
msig_approveapproveNot eligible
msig_unapproveunapproveNot eligible
msig_cancelcancelNot eligible
msig_execexecNot eligible
msig_invalidateinvalidateNot eligible
auth_deletedeleteauthNot eligible
auth_linklinkauthNot eligible
auth_unlinkunlinkauthNot eligible
auth_updateupdateauthNot eligible, charged per 1,000 bytes

‡ Restricted call