Benefits of Integration

Enhanced User Experience and Decreased Support Costs

FIO Protocol makes integrating application easier to use, more secure, and less prone to errors. This leads to happier customers and fewer support tickets, which reduces costs.


The integrating application can receive up to 50% of the FIO Chain fees paid by the user, such as FIO Domain registration fee. Specifically:

  • 10% of every transaction fee paid by user (currently boosted to 50%)
  • 11% of the staking reward paid to the end-user when unstaking FIO Token


ActionOn-chain fee amount exampleIncome to integrator
FIO Handle Registration*$2.00$1.00
FIO Domain Registration$40.00$20.00
FIO Token Transfer$0.05$0.025

* This also includes FIO Handles subsidized by the FIO Foundation, effectively generating income from FIO Handle registrations, which are free to the user.

For additional information see Transaction Provider ID (TPID).

New Users via Co-marketing Programs

Co-marketing with FIO

Initial Integration Campaign

The FIO Protocol has extensive following on social media. Your application will have the opportunity to leverage the marketing, public relations and communications support from the FIO Foundation to conduct a powerful joint marketing campaign and promote your new integration partnership with FIO. To make the launch of your new FIO integration capabilities and listing a success, the FIO Foundation may provide a budget of FIO Token.

Utilization Contests

Once FIO Request is integrated, the Foundation may sponsor campaigns encouraging users to use the FIO Request functionality whereby, by doing so, users are entered into drawings or contests where they can win prizes that may include FIO Tokens or other crypto.

Free FIO Handles for your Users

The FIO Foundation may enable your application to give away free FIO Handles to your users on a unique FIO Domain of your choice, e.g. user@application.

Let's talk

If you would like to have a discussion, reach out to FIO Foundation's Partnerships Team.

Participate in FIO Protocol Governance

Non-voting FIO Tokens in accounts belonging to application users are automatically proxied to the application itself. This enables the application operator to vote all application users' tokens on specific block producers, FIO Foundation Board Members, or any other governance vote.

The application operator may choose to become a block producer and participate in the economics of block production.