FIO Chain Details

This section describes in more detail how the FIO Chain functions and contains the following content:

On-chain feesDescribes on-chain fees and bundled transactions.
FIO TokenDescribes the native FIO Token.
Accounts and permissionsDescribes the FIO Chain accounts and how to use permissions.
FIO Account Name Hash FunctionDescribes how FIO Account Name, aka actor is derived.
FIO Public/Private KeysDescribes the FIO Private/Public keys.
Encryption in FIO Request and FIO DataDescribes the how certain sensitive data in FIO Request and FIO Data are encrypted and decrypted.
RAM, CPU, and NET limitsDescribes how the RAM, CPU, and NET limits are used in FIO Chain.
FIO Chain vs. EOSIODescribes differences between FIO Chain and EOSIO.