FIO Improvement Proposals

The FIO community proposes FIO Improvement Proposals (FIPs) to suggest changes to the FIO protocol. Everyone is encouraged to review existing FIPs and provide feedback.

FIP Types

There are three types of FIPS:

  • Core - improvements requiring a consensus fork
  • Functionality - improvements that add or modify functionality without need for consensus fork
  • Standard - documents standards used in FIO Protocol

New FIP Process

Follow this process to propose an improvement to FIO:

  • Users interested in proposing changes start by opening a Github issue and create a FIP draft there first to ask for feedback from the community. USers are encouraged to use the as a starting point and to use existing FIPs as examples.
  • Repo custodians will review the FIP PR and comment. Once comments have been addressed, the FIP will be merged to Master with the status Draft.
  • Next, reach out to the community and solicit feedback on your FIP.
  • The author will continue to update the FIP based on community feedback and submit pull requests as needed. Once the community has contributed and the FIP is ready, create a pull request to update the status to Accepted.
  • Once repo custodians accept the FIP, the solution is developed and pull requests submitted to the relevant repo.
  • After the code has been merged and deployed to Mainnet, the status will be changed to Final

Important FIP References