The FIO Foundation has developed and is hosting a comprehensive website to register and manage FIO Handles and many other functionality related to FIO Protocol, such as:

  • Non-custodial wallet using Single-Sign-On Security Platform for Private and Decentralized Applications from EDGE.
  • Ability to pay for FIO Handle and FIO Domain registration using credit card or crypto.
  • Ability to add gas-free bundled transactions.
  • Managing FIO Handles (mapping public addresses, NFT signatures, transferring ownership, etc.)
  • Managing FIO Domains (setting public flag, renewing, transferring ownership, etc.)
  • Sending and receiving FIO Request and FIO Data.
  • FIO Token transfers and staking.
  • FIO Token and FIO Domain wrapping and unwrapping.
  • Support for Ledger hardware wallet.
  • Email notifications, e.g. expiring FIO Domain.


The FIO App can be customize to include the integrator logo, messaging and be configured to enable specific FIO Domains. Contact FIO Foundation Business Development Team for more information.

Example of FIO Dashboard landing page

Example of FIO App landing page


Contact Business Development

To get set-up with the FIO Registration Website, please reach out to the FIO Foundation's Partnerships Team.