Fetch FIO Chain State Data


Even though, there are multiple specific getters for fetching information from the FIO Chain, there is also a more flexible option to query any table using /get_table_rows

Query Parameters

The core parameters are: code which denotes the specific FIO Chain contract, scope which will typically be same as code and table which denotes the specific table you want to query.

To constrain the response you may also pass in:

  • lower_bound and upper_bound denoting the search query start and stop
  • index_position denoting index to search
  • key_type denoting key type of index
  • limit denoting number of results to return


If you would like to page through a large dataset (beyond what can be returned in a single call), you can:

  • Read the primary index on the last record returned
  • Pass that value into lower_bound on a subsequent call
  • You will now receive items starting with that index