FIO Chain Issue: Exception on some chain transactions

Discovery dateSeverityEstimated impactStatus
2024-07-12LOWMultiple accountsOPEN

FIO Chain Issue: Account Access

Discovery dateSeverityEstimated impactStatus
2024-06-12LOW21 accounts with combined FIO balance of ~6,700OPEN

New FIO Chain version (2.10)

New version of FIO Contracts has been released on 2024-06-12.


FIO Handle Registration API Transition

As of May 16th, 2024, and as a result of discontinuation of services by one of the Foundation vendors, the FIO Handle Registration API will not return addresses node in charge object of response to /buy-address request.


FIO Integration Options Video

Checkout the new video walk through of different FIO Protocol integration options.


Wallet as a Service

FIO partnered with Metakeep to bring to market a cloud solution to make any app a web3 app. No seed-phrases, passwords, sign-ups, remembering of private keys, gas fees, or 3rd party custody risk. It supports multiple chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Solana, Wax, FIO and more. It offers 500x higher conversion rate compared to the market leading wallet solutions. FIO Protocol is supported natively.


MetaMask now supports FIO Protocol

FIO has joined forces with MetaMask to release FIO Wallet Snap. It is now available in production MetaMask (orange fox) and does not require Flask. It essentially turns MetaMask into a FIO Wallet which lets user secure their FIO Private Key with the same seed phrase which secures all their EVM-based private keys. It also let's any web-based app developer to easily integrate FIO Protocol functionality relying on MetaMask and not having to worry about storing keys, signing, or serializing transactions.


New FIO Chain version (3.5.1)

New version of FIO Core has been released.


New FIO Chain version (2.9.1)

New version of FIO Contracts has been released.


FIO Chain Issue: Token Locking Issue on Unstake

Discovery dateSeverityEstimated impactStatus
2024-02-07LOW12 accountsFIXED