RAM, CPU, and NET limits

The FIO Chain inherits EOSIO resource management, but makes a number of modifications to it to remove the user complexity, while supporting its fee model.

RAM limits

Every new account will have initial RAM allocated to 25600 bytes (25K). Every time an account pays a fee or covers a transaction from a bundle, that account’s RAM will be permanently increased by the number associated with the executed action. In case of multi-action transactions, each action will increment the RAM independently.

TransactionActionIncrease amount in bytes
Transfer FIO tokenstrnsfiopubky1024
Transfer locked FIO tokenstrnsloctoks1024 + 64 * number of lock periods
Map blockchain public addressaddaddress512
Request fundsnewfundsreq3120
Cancel funds requestcancelfndreq512
Reject funds requestrejectfndreq512
Record other blockchain transaction metadatarecordobt4098
Register Addressregaddress2560
Renew Address (deprecated)renewaddress1024
Transfer Addressxferaddress512
Register Domainregdomain2560
Renew Domainrenewdomain1024
Make Domain publicsetdomainpub256
Transfer Domainxferdomain512
Map NFT Signature to a FIO Crypto Handleaddnft2048
Stake FIO Tokensstakefio512
Unstake FIO Tokensunstakefio512
Wrap FIO Tokenswraptokens512
Wrap FIO Domainwrapdomain512
List domain on marketplacelistdomain1536
Vote on block producersvoteproducer1024
Proxy votes to registered proxyvoteproxy512
Register as a proxyregproxy1024
Register as block producerregproducer1024
Set fee ratios*setfeevote4000
msig_proposeproposeVariable based on transaction


  • Account A registers a FIO Crypto Handle for themselves
  • Account A RAM is increased by 2,560 bytes
  • Account A transfers funds to a key not associated with an account
  • Account A RAM is increased by 2,560 bytes
  • Account B is created with initial limit of 25KB of RAM

Scheduled BP RAM override

When a BP is added to the BP schedule to produce blocks, their RAM limit will be changed to unlimited. When a BP is removed from BP schedule, their RAM will be changed to existing RAM usage of their account + 25K.

Transaction size limit

Every transaction is limited to max size of 8098 bytes. BPs in schedule are exempt from the transaction limit for propose actions.

CPU limit

All accounts are created with unlimited CPU, as only authorized contracts with pre-approved CPU usage can run on the FIO Chain.

NET limit

All accounts are created with unlimited NET, as there is a transaction size limit.