Developer Tools

This page documents some of the tools that are helpful when developing or testing against a local or testnet API node.

If you are creating test cases, the FIO core team will provide you with a pre-configured API node that can be used for local testing. If more control over the local environment is needed, please read the instructions on installing a personal locl dev environment.

If you are doing development on the fio or fio.contracts repositories, you will need to install a local development environment to validate your code before merging into a FIO repository.

Tool List

  • fiowatch is a tool for monitoring transactions as the go across they wire. It needs access to both the P2P and the API ports.
  • cryptonym is an interactive contract browsing tool that can be used to examine table data and submit transactions to local and testnet API nodes.
  • The javascript sdk examples are a common set of examples that can be run in a nodejs environment to interact with local and testnet API nodes.