Register as a Proxy

FIO block producers (BPs) host and manage the infrastructure necessary to run the FIO Chain. BPs also play a major role in the governance of the chain. FIO Protocol is a distributed proof-of-stake chain wherein FIO token holders choose BPs by voting for producers or proxying their vote.

If you have researched the effectiveness of FIO BPs and feel that you can help other FIO token holders by serving as a proxy, step up and register as a proxy!

Using Anchor Wallet for Desktop

1. Download Anchor Wallet

Download the latest release of the Anchor Wallet.

2. Enable FIO Blockchain

Select FIO from the list of available blockchains and click Enable blockchain.

3. Import your private key

  • Click the newly create FIO blockchian icon
  • Click Existing Account
  • Click Import Private Key
  • You will be prompted to set wallet password. Make sure you save the password. You will need it in the future to unlcok your wallet.
  • Enter your private key
  • When prompted select active account
  • Click Import Accounts

{% include alert.html type="info" title="FIO Crypto Handle required to register as a proxy" content="The imported key has to have a previously registered FIO Crypto Handle associated with it before it can be registered as a proxy." %}

4. Register as a proxy

  • Make sure FIO is the selected blockchain and your FIO account is selected
  • Click the Tools menu
  • Click on Utilities > Smart Contracts
  • Type "eosio" into Contract Account Name and hit return
  • Select "regproxy" from the Contract Actions pulldown menu
  • Enter your address
  • Click "Use current account for field actor" checkbox
  • Enter a max fee
  • Click Create Transaction
  • Click Broadcast Transaction

Go to your account on and refer to the Chain Data > Votes tab to confirm your FIO Crypto Handle is registered as a proxy.

For additional information see the regproxy API documentation.