FIO Protocol APIs

FIO Chain Getter APIFIO Chain Getter API offers multiple endpoints design to return information about the FIO Chain or specific FIO Handles, FIO Requests, FIO Data, NFT Signatures, or FIO Chain accounts.
FIO Chain V1 History APIFIO Chain V1 History API offers returns historical information about FIO Chain transactions.
FIO Chain Actions APIFIO Chain Action API allows a write transaction to be submitted to the FIO Chain.
FIO Handle Registration APIFIO Handle Registration API offers the ability to register a FIO Handle or FIO Domain either when FIO Foundation has offered free registration to the integrator, or if the integrator would like the FIO Foundation to collect the payment directly from the user.
FIO Service APIFIO Service API is run by the FIO Foundation and returns some FIO Chain statistics, which may be useful for some integrators.