Unstake FIO Tokens

This action unstakes FIO Tokens. User can unstake any amount previously staked.

When user unstakes FIO Tokens they "exchange" SRPs back into FIO Tokens at the current Rate of Exchange. Since the ROE is likely to be higher at time of unstake, they will end up with more FIO Tokens than originally staked.

After FIO Tokens are unstaked, they remain locked for a period of 7 days. To check exactly when they become available call /get_locks.

See Staking FIO Tokens Guide for more information.


This action has to be serialized and signed!

Please note that this action has to be be serialized and signed before it's sent to the blockchain. The request object below only represents the action specific parameters and action specific response. See Write Transactions Guide for more information.

Actions parameters

  • account: fio.staking
  • name: unstakefio

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