Getting Started

FIO Chain V1 History API

FIO Chain V1 History API offers returns historical information about FIO Chain transactions.

All endpoints are REST API of type POST taking json as body and returning json in response.


No authentication is required.


There are many FIO Chain API servers ran by Block Producers and other entities. For latest server API urls, see

Here's a couple used on this site:

EndpointDescription Chain Testnet Chain Mainnet

Please note the v1 is static and does not represent the API version.

Transaction vs. Action Trace

A transaction is submitted by an external user. When that transaction executes, it may call other actions (inline actions) and details about those inline actions will show up in action traces. This has several implications:

  • Multiple actions can be submitted in a single transaction, so several (different) actions can have the same transaction ID
  • Not all of the actions may be been performed by the account being queried (triggering internal actions within a contract for example.) It may or may not be beneficial to only show the actions directly performed by the account being queried, for example filtering out internal actions that have a different actor may result in missing some important FIO transactions, such as rewards payouts.

Note: there are some peculiarities in how paging works on this endpoint, this is not a FIO specific issue. We haven’t diverged from how EOS works in this case to avoid unexpected behavior for block explorers etc.