Stake FIO Tokens

This action stakes FIO Tokens. User can stake any available FIO Token amount in their account at any point in time. To stake, the account has to be voting for at least 1 BP or proxying/auto-proxying. The auto-proxy can be acomplished in this action by passing a TPID which is also a proxy.

The FIO Tokens do not actually leave the user's account, but are instead "locked" and cannot be spent until unstaked.

When tokens are staked, they cannot be transferred, used to pay a FIO Chain fee, or locked. Tokens that are Staked do count towards voting power of account.

When user stakes FIO Tokens they "exchange" FIO Tokens for Staking Reward Points (SRPs) at then current Rate of Exchange (ROE). SRP is not an actual token and cannot be transferred. It simply acts as a representation of future staking rewards and is attached to the account which is staking.

See Staking FIO Tokens Guide for more information.


This action has to be serialized and signed!

Please note that this action has to be be serialized and signed before it's sent to the blockchain. The request object below only represents the action specific parameters and action specific response. See Write Transactions Guide for more information.

Actions parameters

  • account: fio.staking
  • name: stakefio

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