New FIO Chain version (2.10)

New version of FIO Contracts has been released on 2024-06-12.


New versions

StackNew version
FIO Contracts2.10


  • A new version of fio.contracts was released with number of bug fixes related to vote and proxy power. See 2.9.1 for details.
  • On-chain audit functionality now exists which creates a process to audit all block producer voters, their vote/proxy power and, if discrepancies exist, to correct the total votes. No action is required. A swing in block producer votes may occur when the audit is run for the first time.

Bug Fixes

Over the last several weeks a number of bugs where identified, where to voting power was not correctly reflected in voters table and accordingly in the total producer votes.

Bugs leading to individual accounts' vote power being inaccurate were fixed in this release. However, since some data in on-chain tables is aggregated, a new audit tool has been built which enables anyone to call it at any time to recompute totals based on individual account data.

New actions

Perform vote audit

Performs vote audit. Phases of audit:

  • Clear any previous audit data.
  • Analyze the voters table contents iteratively on each call and build a summary of proxy voting weight and producer vote weight for non proxy voters.
  • Roll up the proxy summary into the producer vote weight.
  • Write the audited vote out to the fio blockchain and update the vote with the results of the audit.

Actions parameters

  • account: fio.system
  • name: auditvote

Request body parameters

  • actor
  • max_fee

Response body parameters

  • records_processed - number of records processed last call (information only).
  • fee_collected - the fee amount collected last call.