MetaMask now supports FIO Protocol

FIO has joined forces with MetaMask to release FIO Wallet Snap. It is now available in production MetaMask (orange fox) and does not require Flask. It essentially turns MetaMask into a FIO Wallet which lets user secure their FIO Private Key with the same seed phrase which secures all their EVM-based private keys. It also let's any web-based app developer to easily integrate FIO Protocol functionality relying on MetaMask and not having to worry about storing keys, signing, or serializing transactions.

What is a SNAP?

MetaMask Snaps let users extend the functionality of their MetaMask wallet. The prompts to install the Snap can be shown to the user as part of signing the transaction to make it very easy to use.

How can app builders benefit?

If you are building a web-based application you can very easily add support for FIO Protocol functionality, by simply adding few javascript lines of code.

Checkout this guide to find out more.


Here's a simple JavaScript example, which:

  • Connects to MetaMask
  • Installs the FIO Wallet Snap (if not installed)
  • Displays FIO Public Key

Click Result to run it right here.